by Bill Beswetherick
Remembering 158 hero's who lost their lives in Afghanistan

 Thanks goes out to Br. 50 for this great link.
Comrade Murray Salter, Past President and Poppy Chairman, is presenting a cheque for $700 from the Poppy Fund to Cadet Warrant Officer Greg Garrah and Captain Trevor Sexton during a ceremony held at the Lou Jefferies Arena on Tuesday 2nd of June 2015.  Branch 92 also gives the 492 Military Police Corp $75 each month for its operations.
Comrade Glen Parker, Sgt-At-Arms, is pictured here presenting the Battery Sgt Major award.

Comrade Murray Salter pictured here presenting the Legion Award of Excellence to Cadet Warrant Officer Rebecca Johnston (15 years).

Willowbank Cemetery dedication to Joel Stone 18th of June 2015 - unveiling the monument is our Legion President Cliff Weir and Lions president David Charles.
RCL Br. 92, Gananoque's Color Party marching from the International Square in Gananoque to Joel Stone Park 18 June 2015, leading is Murray Salter, then Peter Mills, John Petch and John Robertson, along with our Sgt-At-Arms Glen Parker. Behind the Color Party is the Gananoque Town Crier.
85 year old Ron Knapton and 76+ year old Glen Parker, both vets and Life Legionnaires scratched sky diving off their bucket list on the 27th of June.  It was the first time ( and I'm thinking the last) that either one has sky dived. They tell me they enjoyed it and may go back. 
Ready to go
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt..
Legion President Cliff Weir and 3rd Vice President John Robertson keeping our town free of discarded metal items.  Hard working and generous legionnaires .
Hard at work during the RIBFEST in July 2016.
Sgt-AT-Arms John Petch,  Owen Fitzgerald 2nd Vice,  Bill Beswetherick Secretary/PRO and Anne Parker membership chair, Br. 92, Gananoque, ON