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The Royal Canadian Legion Youth Education Program has been developed to foster the tradition of Remembrance amongst Canadian youth.
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 92 Youth Education
 As one of our primary goals, fostering Remembrance is a part of everything we do. Thanks to the longstanding tradition of the Annual Literary and Poster Contests, we have been able to involve Canadian school children in helping us to promote not only the National Remembrance Day Service, but also the act of honouring our military heritage. 

Ensuring a Tradition

For some time now, we at Branch 92 have sponsored the annual Poster and Literary Contests it is open to all school children in our Legion area. If you are not part of the schools covered by Branch 92 you can enter at the Legion in your area. Through their participation, youth assist us in one of our primary goals – fostering the tradition of Remembrance amongst Canadians.

Each year, the contests are divided into four categories:

  - Senior – grades 10, 11, 12;

  - Intermediate – grades 7, 8 and 9;

  - Junior – grades 4, 5 and 6; and

  - Primary (Poster Contest only) – grades 1, 2 and 3.

The Poster Contest is divided into two divisions — Colour and Black & White and the Literary Contest is divided into Essay and Poem divisions.

Deadlines for entries in the Poster and Literary Contests are before November 13th at your school or the Gananoque Branch 92 Legion

Entry forms and Guidelines can be found at

Results from 26 Feb 2018


          NAME                            SCHOOL                                     TOPIC   

Brendan Lanigan - St. Joseph Catholic School  - ' Weird but true facts'

Lee France - Thousand Islands Elementary -  'My PEI Vacation'

Summer Philpot - St. Joseph Catholic School - first place - 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' 

Liam Storie - St. Joseph Catholic School - second place - 'You Tube'

Mya Foster - Thousand Islands Elementary -  'Summer Camp'  

Emily Raymond - Thousand Islands Elementary  - third place - 'Bobby Orr'


           NAME                     SCHOOL                                               TOPIC  

Thomas Zuber - Linklater Public School - third place -  'the evolution of the phone'  

Ella Murphy - St. Joseph Catholic School - ' Hayley Wickenheiser'

Charlotte Orr - Thousand Islands Elementary - 'Scuba diving'

Scarlett Hiebert-Beddows - St. Joseph Catholic School - 'texting and driving'

Kaia McGuire - Linklater Public School - 'L'Anne 2017' (in French)  

Violet McGregor - Thousand Islands Elementary - second place -  ' Cursive Writing' 

Alandra Whitehead - Linklater Public School - 'Axolotls'

Ethan Moore - St. Joseph Catholic School - first place - 'Extraterrestrial Life'

Robert Johnston - Thousand Islands Elementary - 'Stuttering'

Ethan Tsitiridis - Linklater Public School - 'Surviving grade 5 girls'


        NAME                             SCHOOL                                              TOPIC  

Mikayla Johnston - St. Joseph Catholic School - first place - 'Leaving a Legacy'

Ada Brons - St. Joseph Catholic School - third place - 'Post Malone'

Liza Donovan - St. Joseph Catholic School - second place - 'The Winter Olympics' 

3rd place winner - Thomas Zuber had to leave before picture was taken .

Zone G2 - Poster - Black & White

Primary Grade 1 - 3                Name                                         School

1st place -                              Vaeda Graham                        St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Junior Grade 4-6    

3rd place -                               Sacha Philot                          St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Zone G2 - Poster - Colour

Primary Grade 1-3

2nd place -                               Nadia Velkova                       St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Zone G2 - Literary Winners 2018 - POEMS

Junior Grade 4-6

2nd place -                            Kaiden Hefferman                     St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Intermediate Grade 7-9

3rd place -                            Kiza Donovan                             St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Zone G2 Literary Winners 2018 -ESSAYS

Junior Grade 4-6

2nd place -                            Terence Jacob Mayua              St. Joseph Catholic School Gananoque

Intermediate Grade 7-9

3rd place -                            Kristal Prieur                             Gananoque Intermediate Secondary School