Congratulations to all the winners.  A very talented group of children.   
The Gananoque Legion supports many youth activities such as the     Poster contest with the winners shown above. the Gananoque Legion sponsors an annual Remembrance Week poster, essay, and poetry contest as well Public speaking contest which will be held this year, 2020, on 1 March - as well the legion also sponsors school breakfast programs and the Gananoque cadet corps.  

Above are the Remembrance Day Poster award winners which was held on 16 and 17 of January 2020, from left to right are Legionnaire Sam Noseworthy, President Ray Foster, Legionnaire Sharron Dorey, Legionnaire Bev Miller, and Legionnaire  Ron Miller. - Front row is - Katie Dacteur, Ella Higgs (first), William Felder,  Elizabeth Bishop.

 Absent- Logan Cox (Int. Essay) & Bailey Gibson (junior poem) Ella Higgs in picture was primary color. There were to be a total of 27 certificates to be given out at St. Joseph's that day. Unfortunately, it was a snow day & too late to cancel. The next day there were 9 awards given out at Linklater.  

comments by Journalist Lorraine Payette:

"Gananoque did very well this year with Ella Higgs of St. Joe’s taking first place at the Zone level. Also from St. Joe’s were Katie Docteur, Elizabeth Bush, and William Felder. From Linklater, certificate winners were Presley Phillips, Cooper Whitehead, Ella Lloyd, Arianna Foey, Zoe Greer, Emma Fearon, Keira Corkey, and Seth Porter. The work they created was vibrant and filled with meaning, making them worthy recipients of the recognition they received."


St. Joe's
1st place - Ella Hiiggs - gr 2 - primary (colour)
                  - Logan Cox - Gr 7 - Int - Essay
                  - Bailey Gibson Gr 4 - Junior - Poem

2nd place - Hayleigh Krawaitis - Gr 3 Pri  - colour
                    - Hannah Medd Gr 5 - junior - colour

3rd place - Keiron Velcov - Gr 6 - junior - blk/white

4th place - Isabella Paul - Gr 7 Int. - Poem
                  - Noa McOuie - Gr. 8 Int - blk/white

Linklater School Certificates

Poster Contest Nov. 2019

Teacher L Swann
colour - Zoe Greer - Gr. 6
colour - Emma Fearon - Gr. 6
Blk/white - Keira Corkey - Gr. 6
Blk/white - Seth Porter - Gr. 6

Teacher Mr. Kellar
Blk/white - Arianna Foey
colour - Ella Lloyd

Teacher V. Fodey
Colour - Cooper Whitehead

Teacher Jennifer Glover

colour - Presley Phillips
colour - Beth Farndon

Congratulations to all the winners.  A very talented group of children.   
Congratulations to our Legion winners who went on to the next round of competition. We are so proud of the talents of our students here at St. Joseph! Great job everyone!
St. Joseph's Poster Winners
Linklater School poster winners